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Why Spark Energy?

“SPARK ENERGY” Energy drink
100 % Natural Caffeine !

Spark Energy manufacturers aim – to offer consumers a refreshing, tonic, vitamin-fortified non-alcoholic drink with an exceptional taste, containing mostly natural ingredients and having all the positive qualities of guarana extract.


What is Guarana?

Guarana – a climbing plant growing in forests which has long been used by South American population both for treatment and ritual.

The extract from the roasted guarana seeds produced before Columbus had discovered America was used for curative drinks because of its stimulant, tonic, aphrodisiac equivalent effect and the ability to protect the digestive tract.



John Duffy

“We loved your Spark energy drinks. Thanks for coming and sharing with us. We loved it.”

Micheal Murphy

“We bought a case from you. I love this drink! I can not stand any of the other energy drinks (they make me jittery and give me a headache).”

Joan Buckley

“Hi there! Love your product! Keep it up!”

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